KMSPico Password For Zip File [Updated Working 2024]


Last Updated on March 12, 2024

After downloading KMSPico, you must use the password while extracting. So, the password for the KMSPico zip file can be found below. The combination of several alphabets or numbers is used to keep this file safe.

We add a password because Windows Defender automatically detects it and removes the content in the zip file. This is why we protect it and avoid Windows Defender deleting it. However, you first need to disable an Antivirus or Windows Defender in case you are going to extract it.

What is KMSpico Password


A password is used to protect files from viruses and trojans, as sometimes, due to some error, these files may catch some malicious codes. In this way, we keep them secure by putting the password in it, which means no one can access the content inside that zip file unless they use the correct code.

KMSPico Password Not Working?

The correct password of the KMSPico zip file is however, if you are facing an issue like error extracting or something like that. That means you didn’t disable the Windows Defender, as this program avoids extracting.

Make sure to use WinRar or 7Zip only and avoid using Windows’s extractor tool. Because it won’t work on a password-protected file.

Even if you succeeded in extracting, you will end up with an empty folder as an Antivirus Program has deleted the files. Now try to extract it after disabling Windows Defender, and let me know if it works.

If the password isn’t working, we will change it instantly, and you will see the new password in this post. Furthermore, this is the same password used for other tools like Windows Loader, Microsoft Toolkit, KMSAuto Net, etc.

You can read about these tools by following below and extract them using the password provided above: